Know, what to expect!




Your wedding photos: documentation? Or art?

In an old industrial building or a luxurious mansion: every wedding has a few key moments. When you say yes and the first kiss as a married couple for example.
What makes you and your wedding unique is all the other distinctive “extras”. The location that gets people talking as soon as they get their invitation. Or the motto that is a perfect fit just like the rings on your fingers (as I simply assume is the case).
And what is true for your wedding is also true of the wedding photos. Portrait photos and group photos, location photos and lots of details of the ceremony and the reception. For most people all that is part of the wedding album like the lens on a camera. But it is the special pictures that change “nice” into “wow!”. The ones that are far more than just the obligatory photos.
That is why I provide much more than just a nice “photo documentation”. You will receive really beautiful photographic art that will make you feel you could do with a lot more wall space.
Pictures you will want to show everybody and look at yourselves again and again.
Pictures you cannot see often enough. That you immerse yourself in again and again, that let you experience and feel it all over again like new.
Pictures that depict the individual you just as you are – and that will amaze others for years to come.
In fact, pictures that will trigger that “Oh, wow!”.  Again and again.


Art lovers, photo enthusiasts, creative spirits, individualists: you will find the perfect match in me.

You will receive digital pictures and we no longer need chemicals to develop them but I am sure you will agree with me: the chemistry must be right.
We are on the same wave length, are like-minded and may possibly even become friends if you instantly agree on these points:

- You appreciate art, love aesthetics and were always “very visual”.
- You think Cinderella is a fairytale – not a model for the style of your wedding.
- You look very carefully – and are not looking for a temperamental artist but a photographer who really knows his artistic stuff.
- You know that cheap offers should make you suspicious –whether for parachutes, brain surgery or wedding photographers.
- You want real photographic art, not photo-shopped art. Pictures with the “wow effect” that nonetheless really show you.
- You like to live in contrast to the ordinary. And you are looking forward to powerful photos that will show precisely that.

Six times right on the bull’s eye?  Then we really need to get to know each other. Send me an email, call me – or read a bit more about me here.